Relationships in Romance & Business –  8 Simple Ways for Achieving Success in Both

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When considering relationships in romance and business… [Spoiler Alert!!]

Liam Neeson’s character in the movie “Taken” summed it up quite nicely.

He mentions to one of the abductors of his daughter that over his very long career he has acquired certain knowledge and abilities…

Knowledge and abilities that he had “acquired over a very long career”.

These special knowledge and abilities would be most beneficial to him, and most unfortunate to his enemies in this specific situation.

He had a “very particular set of skills”.

The management of your emotions (emotional intelligence) is vital to your success, both in romance and in business. It represents a very important component of the particular set of skills of a person who desires to do well in both areas.

What is emotional intelligence? It is a mental attitude that enables the ability to recognize and observe what you feel, and respond to align to the circumstances.

So, you experience your emotions, but then channel them into productive mental thoughts and attitudes.

In romance and in business, what are some of the other practices that are generally common to both areas?

Here are eight (8) simple ways (some of which also incorporate emotional intelligence) that persons have used to achieve success in both romance and business relationships:


1. Keep the big picture in sight.

In romance and in business relationships, viewing an image of the end point is very useful, as it aligns your thoughts and actions and habits toward the achievement of the future state.

If you lose focus of what is important, there are distractions and obstacles that can come into view instead.

Look away from the negative, and firmly fix your view on the goal.


2. Be a better version of yourself.

The old advice of “just be yourself” doesn’t take into account that sometimes how you think, behave and relate to people can be greatly enhanced.

So take the steps to be the most phenomenal version of you that can exist.

Watch, read, listen and learn from those around you and from sources such as books and online.

Improve your brand – your unique offering to the world.

This works for both romance and business, as you fill a position that is no longer available for another to fill.


3. Actions count, not words, in your relationships.

We have all heard the saying “Your actions speak so loud, that I cannot hear your words.”

Need I say/write anymore?

In romance and in business matters, talk does not yield results.

We know of persons in our lives who “talk the talk”, but does not “walk the walk”.

But, taking the right action does yield results.

Not taking perfect action.  Or waiting till the situation becomes perfect.


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4. Pause before responding.

Everyone has bad days and everyone has their unique behaviors.

Sometimes small things can turn into big things. A “mountain can be made out of a molehill”.

Move past the problems and issues.

Allow yourself to show lots of patience, tact and kindness.


5. Fail faster while taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes.

By the very nature of aiming to get ahead in romance and business, you either have not made progress to this point before or you have been there before and you desire to get back there.

As in all human relationships, the quality of the connection takes time to be installed, but this installation is never permanently set.

There are sometimes challenges on the strength of the relationship, and these have to be addressed efficiently, effectively and uniquely, considering the persons involved.

Take calculated risks, absorb key learnings from your mistakes and keep going.


6. Stay connected in your relationships.

This is not the same as “always be connected”, such that there are numerous phone calls or instant messages made.

In romance and in business, keep in touch to an appropriate degree.

At the same time, maintain that emotional connection with your partner that strengthens understanding and empathy.


7. Be a problem solver.

Focus on solutions and not problems. Assist persons out of the binds that they are currently in.

In romance and in business, challenges would continue to present themselves.

Bring about positive change. Reap the benefits. Don’t sit on the sidelines wanting someone else to do what you can do yourself.

If solutions have worked in the past for similar situations, be the first to suggest that these solutions be implemented.

Then go ahead with the agreed course of action.


8. Forgive and forget.

Exhale any “bad vibes”, don’t keep them inside.

Move onward and upward in your romance or business by not having the weight on your back.


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The way forward in your romantic and business relationships…

If you would like to achieve success at both romance and business, the key areas center around your ability to demonstrate and use emotional intelligence (along with continual improvement in this area) and the strength/quality of the relationship, whether romance or business.

If you use the 8 simple ways described above in more opportunities that present themselves, these practices would tend to become automatic responses.

Your ownvery particular set of skills”.

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