Greeting your Boss with Happy Birthday Wishes ? What works ?

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Birthdays are special occasions that should be celebrated. Everybody has a birthday, including your boss. This article looks at some areas to consider in greeting your boss with happy birthday wishes.

On his/her birthday, it is important to let your boss know he/she is appreciated and that you are happy to be working together.

Being a manager/leader of an organization is not always easy on your boss.

But it may be a rewarding/successful experience for your boss if there is a demonstration of gratitude, admiration and respect from employees.

Especially on his/her birthday.

What is Done? How is it Done?

If you have a hard time writing a proper birthday card, you can send these messages electronically or via a handwritten note.

If you send an email, choose a lighthearted birthday wish with a fun image to bring a smile to your boss’ face—just make sure it is appropriate for the workplace. Remember that greetings should be genuine, but still professional.

To What Extent is it Done?

Birthdays are special occasions where we tend to not focus on the bad things about a person and wish him/her all the best. Even if you are not excited about the idea to greet your boss, you should show yourself as friendly and respectful.

You can’t go wrong with a generic “happy birthday” greeting. However, if it’s too generic, it may suggest you don’t like him or her.

However, a very personal birthday greeting may imply the opposite: your boss might feel you may be overstepping some boundaries.

Closing Remarks

It is especially important to acknowledge the birthday of your boss, if you have done so in the past. Keep the language of your happy birthday wishes and actions sincere, and to the point.

If he thinks that you may be sucking up, this would endanger the goodwill that you are attempting to convey.

Also, timing is key. Don’t venture to give your birthday greetings immediately after your boss has had heated meeting, or while he is trying to deliver a report by a deadline.

If things get a little awkward, commit to seeing it through. If anybody asks you afterwards about the outcome, mention that you meant for it to happen that way.


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