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C’mon, you gotta admit it….

Felt really good having dished out the types of passive-aggressive words and combative mannerisms that he is typically known for.

But this time, your fury and your snappy one-liners were directed at him, the person who has never been on the receiving end of such punishment.

At least, not to your recollection.

Ahhhhh…the glorious irony of it all !

If this is what happened when you had that confrontation with the toxic person in your life, be him/her a co-worker, sibling or spouse, it is probable that someone would interject by raising a topic that involves you being cautioned against “burning your bridges”.

In your head, the sweet victory is still fresh and you vaguely remember one of your co-workers forwarding you an image on Whatsapp where one of the Eagles was providing his unique viewpoint on the topic.

How did the message go again?

Oh yeah…its coming back to you now. You remember.

It went a little like this…

main qimg 4a89a2b44ffa540eade44bc5c4bf1e1e - Does the saying "never burn bridges" apply to toxic relationships?

Don Henley is one wise Eagle. If a saying is presented as a meme, it must be true. Right?

You take a seat and sit still for a moment. The sounds around you fade into the background.

The cheers and hoots from those around you had listened and watched your altercation a few minutes ago. In their minds, he got what he deserved.

You could think that way too, and believe that he had it coming to him.

But something did not seem right. Things were left in a strange state.

A “bridge” that had existed in the relationship between you and him had been set alight, and it has been burnt down to the smouldering embers/ashes.

Return to what was there previously seems improbable. Or even impossible.

What are your options at this stage ? What would your next action be ?



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