Good communication skills can be applied in your relationship.

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For good communication skills, perhaps the Golden Rule can be summed up as follows:

“When you are speaking, I will listen.  I won’t worry about what to utter next…

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I will be paying attention to what you are saying…..

When it is my turn to speak, you better listen up ! “


You can effect real change in the way that communication is done.

Your change can be temporary or it can be permanent (or at least to the end of your life).

But what if conflict arises in communication or the relationship itself?

Or what if it hinders changes to allow good communications skills to be effectively applied ?

Good Communication Skills  – effecting change

Depending on the length of time that the change would be in effect, there are two things that are needed.

One is essential and the other is needed in varying amounts, depending on the individual or the circumstances present.

The two things are :

1) Making a Decision (essential)

2) Discipline to follow through with the decision (needed in varying amounts)

Firstly, if you make a decision and do not follow through, change may be fleeting and not be as sustainable as desired.

Secondly, greater and greater levels of discipline are needed to overcome resistance (both internally and externally), leading to potential conflict.

When you experience conflict, it may be as a result of moving from a “comfort zone” to one of discomfort, growth and development.

And your conflict may have a short timeframe or it may carry on for some time.

But what happens if you have an overwhelming drive to deliver on a decision made?

Is there conflict that could be present? Perhaps, but you may overcome it quickly.

You have enthusiasm, joy and vigor. Your discipline to follow through is captured and encompassed within your positive feelings.

In closing,  to effect change and to allow good communication skills to be applied , there must be a decision made and there must be the appropriate degree of discipline to follow through with the decision made.


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