It is normal for persons to be particularly negative, from time to time. But when this is chronic/long term, there is cause to be especially careful.

I’ve found that keeping motivated while I’m in the company of negative people is not as challenging as I imagine.

I am mindful of situations that I find myself in, those persons who are around me and the extent of how freely communications can be held.

Learn from the mistakes that you had made in your conduct when faced with negativity.

Make steps to not repeat those thought patterns/habits that result in the same negative outcomes in the future.

Find ways to stick to this approach … if you fall off this new path, just direct your attention to regaining alignment.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep plugging away.

One of the major strategies that I use to deal with aggressive (or passive-aggressive) comments from negative people is not presenting a target to attack in the first place.

In other words, keeping the knowledge of my motivating factors away from those who may (due to their words and actions) cause me to have inner doubts and question myself.

My motivating factors are critical for me to safeguard, to allow me to get to my goals. There is no need to publicly declare the details of my motivations…once they drive me and inspire me and get me moving in the right direction.


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