Let us discuss the concept of Leadership Traits Theory, and what, in my opinion, is the Biggest Failure of Leadership.

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Leadership Traits Theory, put into simple terms,  is the identification of personality characteristics and types that are suitable for leadership under varying circumstances.

It focuses on the idea that “leaders are born and not made”.

Some traits that are effective markers for what we would describe as good leadership are:

Numerous leaders have displayed failures, even with the above leadership traits  and more.

Sometimes, very big failures have been displayed.

From what I have observed, there is one failure of leadership that I would like to highlight.

The biggest failure, in my view, is as follows:

“The leader does not prepare the organization and those whom he/she leads to function without his/her direct control or guidance, if or when he/she is no longer around. “


As a leader, you may change jobs. Or you get promoted. You may retire. Definitely, at some point, you would pass away.

A leader’s reluctance to work on preparing the organization to no longer need him/her…

and a vast majority of leaders continue to demonstrate this failure.

Leaders in both the public sectors and private sectors, across the world.

So much demonstration, that it seems almost typical.

I can count on my fingers…

How many top leaders that I have known personally, and those that I have read about/seen footage on, have made a decision to work on the ultimate goal of making themselves obsolete in the organization?

Maybe, I can count the number of this type of leader on my fingers.

These leaders begin the process very early in their tenure to instill their philosophy, principles and practices into the organization, preventing a dependence of the organization on the leader.

They set activities in motion, and they get out of the way for their teams to perform.


As I draw to a close, I reinforce that:

A common failure among leaders of all types is the action of strengthening the organization and their people to function when they are no longer around.


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