Romantic relationships – The story of Jessica and Caleb

“Where romance is concerned, lately I have not been as excited to come home to my husband at the end of the day. Our once romantic relationship seems to now be…I don’t know how to describe it.

We just lay in bed, each taking a side and facing away from each other. All I know is that I have endured painful and depressing nights.

Yet, there has to be a way to improve the situation. To get some insights.

What can I do to get back to the passion when we were dating and in the early phase of our marriage?”

– From a post by Jessica* on a Social Media website.


Seems like romance, as a key element of a long term loving relationship, is missing from the marriage of Jessica (not her real name).  So she asked for help to see how she can re-ignite the spark that drove her crazy for her husband Caleb (not his real name) when they started dating over 6 years ago.

It was not always like this…

Back then, Jessica and Caleb could not keep off each other.

During that time, there seemed to be not enough time in the day (or the night) to satisfy their hunger for spending time together and experiencing intense energy in their budding romance.

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Thinking back, she could fondly remember the time when they were newlyweds (just recently back from their honeymoon filled with romance).

Especially the time when Caleb came home from work and saw her on her hands and knees in the bedroom.

Her contact lens that had dropped clumsily from her fingers only minutes before. And she was looking for it. Then there was what happened next, and over the rest of the evening.

They were wild, vigorous and frantic.

Now, being barely awake and under the covers with Caleb’s back toward her, their bodies barely touch on the bed.

Furthermore, Jessica thought about the last time they had made love.  Seems like it was nine weeks ago ?

Or was it twelve weeks ?

Where did their romantic relationship go ?

The case of Jessica and Caleb is unfortunately a very common situation among romantic couples.

What about your own special circumstances?

Are there one or more connections that can be drawn between you and your partner and what Jessica and Caleb are confronted with?

What can I do to get back romance in dating or in marriage?

Same partners in the relationship, but what would happen if each person seeks to treat the other better ?

If you are waiting for your partner to change, you may be waiting for a long time. And you can’t be sure that this would ultimately lead to better results in your romance.

Why don’t you go ahead and get the ball rolling?

First of all, the key step in all of this is to understand that you have to think and act differently than before.

Take stock of what has to be done and jump right in.

You can continue to make adjustments as you go. Believe that the situation between you and your partner can improve from where it is presently.

Where are the best opportunities for improvement?

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Given that there are numerous resources online for providing help, what should you be searching for?

What do you consider as the best fit for you and your partner? Is there a program that may be able to provide the most benefit in restoring the romance?

So go ahead and take action.

Improve how you interact and treat your partner, as early as  today.

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