If you asked me Why get married? ... Is marriage necessary ? “, my response would be …it depends.

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There are a number of factors that you would have to consider when asking “Why get married? “, as well as details regarding the particular combination of you and your partner.  In some cases, your decision of “not getting married” may be a much better option than going ahead and “getting married”.

In numerous cultures, there are family and social pressures to “tie the knot”.

There are biological/social reasons (eg. carrying on the family name).

Sometimes there are economic reasons.  A good example of this is the coming together of powerful families through the marriage of their relatives.

Whatever the reasons for pushing the idea for marriage,  you have to ask yourself  one question, and answer it frank and honestly. This question is :

“Will I look back on this decision 20 years in the future and agree that is was the best thing for me ?”

 You should be clear on an answer to this question. Very clear.

If not, it means that your life plan might need to be firmed up.

Get a very clear vision of your future self.  Your future self that is 20 years older than you are presently.

Strong arguments for you going ahead with marriage may come from well-wishing family members,  friends or work colleagues. Or maybe, in a general way, from magazines, TV personalities or other celebrities.

For some couples, marriage is absolutely wonderful.  For others, it is a complete nightmare.

You and your partner can work on being members of the first group, and not the second.

You can learn how to recover from failure and move past the normal human reactions/responses.

To gain these lessons, it is not necessary that you have to fail yourself.

You can study the failures of persons close to you or the details found in biographies or autobiographies of famous people/celebrities.

Take the time to get to know yourself /envision your future self. And then you can honestly and objectively answer the question mentioned above.

Make the best decision that you can under the given situation.


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